meanddollartist statement
I create to feel connected. My artistic drive is fueled by an intuitive search for answers to intangible questions and desires. I believe in allowing the subconscious to form the basis of art.

I favor materials and mediums that lend themselves to a process. The lucidity of oil paint adapts to form a dreamlike setting and allows the vision to grow and expand. The stark contrast of drawing in pen and ink fosters a challenge of expression I enjoy. And I love making dolls: creating sculptural narratives from the inside out, with the goal of producing something that has a life and presence of its own.

I am fascinated by the human struggle against self-destruction, and the nature of self-denial. I am drawn to sincere expressions of challenge and desire. Some of my greatest influences have been artists David Lynch, Alejandro Jodorowsky, and Al Columbia, illustrators Edward Gorey and Maurice Sendak, and growing up on Night Gallery and Creature Features.

Contemporary artist Diana Crites was born in San Jose, CA. Professionally a Creative Director supporting Fortune 500 companies, Diana is now focused on developing her fine art, creating an ethereal, surrealist style that blurs the boundaries between narrative and abstract vision.

Her works are held in private collections worldwide. Diana has shown throughout Oregon and California,, including Pi-Rem Gallery, Gallery 114, West Linn Public Library, Intown Works, Aloft Gallery, and Redux Gallery.  Diana was a member of Gallery 114 in Portland’s Pearl District,  board and jury member for 2012 West Linn Arts Festival, and a featured artist for 2016 Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts. She currently lives and works in Beavercreek, OR.