DEVOTION | 2011 | oil on canvas, 15" x 15"
2011 |
oil on canvas, 15″ x 15″

It’s Valentine’s Day as I type this.

On a day when the world-at-large celebrates being in love, I found myself wondering how that translates to my art. But like with other artists and self-portraits, my work tends to veer off more traditional paths.

‘Devotion (2011)’ is a painting in which I tried to explore the notion of loving someone or something that is not — by nature — capable of loving back in a reciprocal fashion.

Five years later, and I’m still exploring alien love.

COSSET  |   2016  |   oil on canvas, 10" x 8"
2016 |
oil on canvas, 10″ x 8″

This week, I just finished an oil painting that I’ve titled ‘Cosset (2016).’  In it, a fancy goldfish floats on air towards a feathery mum, whose petals attempt to communicate an urgency with the fish. the language of the petals and the fins are mirrored in the soft colors of each. But what they are broadcasting I couldn’t say.